Sometimes you just gotta ride the wave of whatever is going on and focus your energy and actions on positivity. Sometimes, that’s really all you can do.










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number 9 tho

number fucking 9. there was a dude that would play his guitar outside of my window at 1 am all the time

Some bits that I’ve picked up:

There’s a general rule of college that if you were sitting in that seat for over two weeks, that is your seat. Not many if any professors have seating arrangements but switching seats will fuck everyone up.

Get there early and stay late. As soon as you get home you will not want to do shit. Stay on campus and do some homework while you’re in the environment.

SIT UP FRONT. The best way to start understanding something is to listen to someone talk about it and you can’t do that from the back of the class trying to listen over everyone whispering to each other. LISTENING WILL MAKE HOMEWORK SO MUCH EASIER. 

Be childish, but be respectful. Have a massive snowball fight across campus, but don’t aim for anyone not taking part. 

SHUT THE FUCK UP IN THE LIBRARY. Some people work there, some people sleep there. It is a quiet space. 

Don’t be afraid to talk to professors. They are not there to flunk you. They would rather you pass than not.


Get involved. It will help you make friends, give you new skills to learn, and even help you get a leg up in the work place if you know the right people.

I will add to this as a GTA:

   Take time for yourself—buy a planner, figure out when your best study hours are, figure out WHERE you study best, and figure out how much time you need to complete an assignment—AND THEN make sure to pencil in an hour for video games, some time to watch a TV show, or time to just lay on your floor and blow bubbles. Whatever you like. Don’t forget about YOU.

  SLEEP. EAT. DRINK WATER. Don’t die. Caffeine =/= sleep. I cannot emphasize that this much. 


  COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR INSTRUCTORS! If you’re sick, shoot an e-mail and say “Hey, I’m sick today. Can I set up a time to talk to you about what I missed?” If you’ve got a good opportunity (scholarships, to go to another country, to check out a cool lecture, etc.) let your prof know ahead of time. If you just need time to work on projects, all it takes is an e-mail. We understand. I gave a student a free skip day because he e-mailed me and said “Hey, look, I have two massive tests and a project due and I need the time to study.” And THAT IS OKAY.

   However, sometimes you just need a personal day, and you know what, when you wake up and getting out of bed seems like the worst idea ever….just turn off your alarm and get that sleep.

Some additionally tid-bits that might help you 

  • Before signing up for classes, look on “ratemyprofessor.com" and see if the teachers at your campus are included. There may be two or more teachers for the same course, and you want to try and pick the good/easy one. Who your professor is can have a great affect on what grade you make, even for the "same" class. 
  • Look for a facebook group for your "graduating class" set up, which is a good way to make friends and find people with similar interests (particularly for introverts). 
  • Look for a facebook group for each of your courses. If there isn’t one, MAKE ONE and send it out via the course email or word of mouth. These groups are helpful for if you missed class and need the notes, and especially for review time before exams. 
  • If no one else does it, make a google doc of the exam reviews and post it on the class facebook page. That way everyone contributes to the review. 200 brains are most definitely better than 1. 
  • During lectures, unless Internet is required, TURN IT OFF. If it’s on, you WILL end up on tumblr or some other site, and you will miss important shit. 
  • For the love of God, pay attention to your syllabus. Sometimes assignments are listed there, and that’s the only place it’ll be mentioned. Also, if it says to do a reading by a specific date, DO THE READING BY THAT DATE. Otherwise you will get behind, and you will have 200+ pages of textbooks to read in one night before the test, and you will cry.
  • Yes you actually need to do the readings. Yes it is a lot. Yes it will suck. Do it anyways. 
  • If you are used to getting all A’s, do not cry when you get a B. Take it from someone who killed herself for two years to maintain a 4.0, it feels like the end of the world when your GPA drops, but it’s not. You’ll be okay. Just breathe and do your best. Your best is good enough.


Try to make sure you leave an open hour around midday so that you have time to get food in you. A lot of people forget to do this. If you have to have back to back classes, check your syllabus or with your teacher—some midday classes allow you to bring in a drink and a snack. Some will even allow you a full meal.

If you can get an online/pdf copy of the book without busting the bank, DO IT. Sometimes there are even annotated versions online. This can make notetaking a shitton easier, because you can highlight printed-out versions of the book and they won’t dock you on the money back. Sometimes professors move through their lecture too fast for you to write stuff down. Shrugging off that old ‘don’t ruin your books’ rule you had in high school may be your only hope.

UNLESS YOU NEED THEM OR REALLY WANT TO KEEP THEM TRY TO SELL BACK YOUR BOOKS—maybe even offer them online to incoming students. You won’t get nearly the worth of them but someone after you will thank you a million times over for providing a used copy. If you take good notes, you can sometimes buy/sell those as well. A lot of professors teach literally the same class every time.

IF YOUR PROFESSOR PUTS NOTES ONLINE GET THEM. GET THEM NOW. TRUST ME. YOU WANT THOSE NOTES. Bring them in with you if it’s possible to get them before class.

Keep change on hand. Always.

The Best Way To Make Friends:

Bring a printer with you to college and offer to print people’s stuff for half of what the school does or for free if you can afford it.

Carry around small candies with you and offer them to people while waiting outside of class. If you are the ‘candy person’ this gives you an in for starting conversations.

Buy a jumbo pack of chalk and find an open sidewalk on a free day. Write the words ‘Come draw with me?’ and begin doodling.

Have a pack of cards.

Last But Not Least: if you go onto campus and you can’t find what you’re looking for, and you are afraid to go up to someone and ask, find an open, well-populated area, hold your schedule/map in hand, and walk in circles for a few minutes, looking up and around in obvious confusion. Other students know this body language well. Someone will stop and point you in the right direction. (if you are worried that the person’s directions are a joke or faulty, wait for them to leave and take up the stance again; if the directions match-up the second time, they’re legit; do not allow a person to ‘show you the way’ unless EVERY STEP is along an obvious walkway, just in case)

For those of you who fear assault, most campuses aren’t much for small blades or mace. Carry a pocket air horn or a hand bag of those little pop-rock fireworks unless you can get a concealed weapons permit.

if you go to a community college, be prepaired for loud highschooles walking by yor classes talking

Also something I’ve learned: if you’ve got a large paper coming up, or a large assignment, unless you’re just dead set against consulting with other students in your class, try and get a study or work group together on an evening that you’re free. It helps to be able to bounce ideas off of each other if you can’t figure out a topic by yourself or you want to run some lines by each other. It is not cheating, it is making sure that you are able to write a good paper or create a good project that doesn’t sound redundant.

Take it from me, a person who was always independent when it came to assignments, it pays to talk to your classmates.

things i have learned about how to write


  • coffee in the morning. tea in the afternoon. this is the natural order of things.
  • don’t despair if you get so immersed in writing that you forget to drink aforementioned tea or coffee. it tastes good cold, too.
  • you need time to cogitate. you need time to think and absorb. don’t feel compelled to cram work into every minute of the day. rest and relaxation is just as important.
  • don’t waste time giving a single crap about what anybody else thinks.
  • don’t waste time freaking about about what kind of decision to make. you worry too much about what is going to yield the best outcome. you know what? just pick something and stick to it. it’ll turn out okay, either way.
  • stop worrying, period. if stormy days are coming, do you really want to ruin the pleasure and enjoyment of the present moment?  no, hold onto that joy with everything you’ve got, ESPECIALLY if it won’t last forever. stop being anxious about the future — you can deal with it when and if it happens.
  • read. every day. this, more than anything, spurs you to new heights.
  • on some days, give yourself a strict schedule. on some days, sit down and start with whatever you feel like. one productive activity often leads to another, and you have better flow when given the freedom to choose what to pursue.
  • sometimes the words will come easy. sometimes they won’t. be gentle with yourself. motivation is a faucet that tends to stick. put in time at the keyboard and it will slowly start to flow.
  • if you prefer to write in notebooks, don’t sacrifice it for the expediency of the computer. your writing is better, faster, and more inspired when you step away from the screen.
  • as Julia Cameron says, “remember that it is far harder and more painful to be a blocked artist than it is to do the work”


guys this super cute black girl came in my store with big, beautiful, natural hair and she was showing off her new red dress and i told her “you look so beautiful, just like annie!” and she and her mom didn’t know about the new movie coming out so i showed her the trailer and she said “mommy she looks just like me!” and her smile was so fucking huge

don’t tell me representation isn’t important



Hey you. Are you avoiding your homework right now? Here’s how you can stop and get to work! 

Avoiding procrastination: 

  • Turn off your wi-fi
  • Put your phone out of reach and on silent
  • Write up a list of all the things you need to get done (make it pretty, it will make it fun and motivate you)
  • Start with the hardest task and get it over with
  • Move on to quicker and easier tasks and it will be over before you know it.


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Phoenix Wright wrote a book.

first i just saw the title and comment and i laughed but then i saw the author’s last name and, my god


Chapter Five
Cross-examining the Parrot: Thinking Outside the Bounds of Sanity

The best part is this is an actual book.


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