As I’m walking through Target with my little sister, the kid somehow manages to convince me to take a trip down the doll aisle. I know the type - brands that preach diversity through displays of nine different variations of white and maybe a black girl if you’re lucky enough. What I instead found as soon as I turned into the aisle were these two boxes.

The girl on the left is Shola, an Afghani girl from Kabul with war-torn eyes. Her biography on the inside flap tells us that “her country has been at war since before she was born”, and all she has left of her family is her older sister. They’re part of a circus, the one source of light in their lives, and they read the Qur’an. She wears a hijab.

The girl on the right is Nahji, a ten-year-old Indian girl from Assam, where “young girls are forced to work and get married at a very early age”. Nahji is smart, admirable, extremely studious. She teaches her fellow girls to believe in themselves. In the left side of her nose, as tradition mandates, she has a piercing. On her right hand is a henna tattoo.

As a Pakistani girl growing up in post-9/11 America, this is so important to me. The closest thing we had to these back in my day were “customizable” American Girl dolls, who were very strictly white or black. My eyes are green, my hair was black, and my skin is brown, and I couldn’t find my reflection in any of those girls. Yet I settled, just like I settled for the terrorist jokes boys would throw at me, like I settled for the butchered pronunciations of names of mine and my friends’ countries. I settled for a white doll, who at least had my eyes if nothing else, and I named her Rabeea and loved her. But I still couldn’t completely connect to her.

My little sister, who had been the one to push me down the aisle in the first place, stopped to stare with me at the girls. And then the words, “Maybe they can be my American Girls,” slipped out of her mouth. This young girl, barely represented in today’s society, finally found a doll that looks like her, that wears the weird headscarf that her grandma does and still manages to look beautiful.

I turned the dolls’ boxes around and snapped a picture of the back of Nahji’s. There are more that I didn’t see in the store; a Belarusian, an Ethiopian, a Brazilian, a Laotian, a Native American, a Mexican. And more.

These are Hearts 4 Hearts dolls, and while they haven’t yet reached all parts of the world (I think they have yet to come out with an East Asian girl), they need all the support they can get so we can have a beautiful doll for every beautiful young girl, so we can give them what our generation never had.

Please don’t let this die. If you know a young girl, get her one. I know I’m buying Shola and Nahji for my little sister’s next birthday, because she needs a doll with beautiful brown skin like hers, a doll who wears a hijab like our older sister, a doll who wears real henna, not the blue shit white girls get at the beach.

The Hearts 4 Hearts girls are so important. Don’t overlook them. Don’t underestimate them. These can be the future if we let them.

You can read more about the dolls here: http://www.playmatestoys.com/brands/hearts-for-hearts-girls


{Strolling Series by Cecile Emeke}

Sexism,Patriarchy,Racism and Colonialsm.Full Discourse

If you have never experienced the “done early” high, you shouldn’t knock it. It’s a fabulous feeling to look at a beastly deadline and know that you were finished long before the midnight hour, especially when you see your colleagues slaving away at 2 a.m. in a state of panic while you head out for a Playstation tournament instead.


It’s not representation if they’re being used as a joke or shock factor



Still fucking relevant.

Damn that hits your heart hard.




I will rip off your limbs and hit you with them

True friendship at it’s prime. 

You have gone blind and want cereal

Just Wanna Know
by Sousuke Yamazaki (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa) from Free!-Eternal Summer- Sousuke Yamazaki Character Song
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Translated Sousuke’s Character CD songs (aka love songs for Rin)
For “The Last Race Towards Tomorrow” click here

Just Wanna Know

The reason that motivates you is reflected in your eyes.
In the middle of this everlasting road,
Hope bursts through the world that was closed off for me.

Please tell me what you see,
Let’s return to the same summer
Just wanna know the reason,
With the relay that connects us.

There are many feelings that I still do not understand
I hid my surprised face at that time.
Without caring about your surroundings,
Seeing the backside of you as you ran forward,
I wonder what kind of feelings I swallowed at that time?

We never interfered with each other’s thoughts,
Since it wasn’t an option for us (that’s what we did, right?)

The reason that motivates you is reflected in your eyes. 
It’s always clear, isn’t it?

I wanted to understand someday,
What the meaning of being a “true friend” meant.
In the moment that could only exist at that place,
When those guys were able to show you the “sight”
I wonder how much of your heart was saved that day?

The emptiness in me was answered,
Even if it was a small one, it was still a new dream.
A bond that should have been enough for me
For some reason I feel like there’s still something more.

Then is different than now,
I want to find something as I propel straight through the water
I want to head towards that light,
No matter how many meters it is, to dive in.

Just wanna know the reason,
You were able to teach me with the relay that connects us.
The reason that motivates you is reflected in your eyes. 
In the middle of this everlasting road,
Hope bursts through the world that was closed off for me.

Please tell me what you see,
It’s definitely the same sight,
The summer that is reflected in your eyes.

Notes: I tried to make the translations as close to the poetic rhythm and prose of the original Japanese, so I hope you enjoy the nuances *cough subliminal love messages to Rin* (´∀`)







you were either a winx 


or a w.i.t.c.h


I was totally a spy


i was aLL THREE

was this the old superwholock? 

the old superwholock? Nah these shows all have examples of POC and well written diverse woman who do not rely on men to build their character







Fire from a burning building being sucked into a tornado.


get out of there fireman what are you doing

there’s a tornado

I can’t stop laughing at this fireman

he’s just standing there going

“well darn, look at that.

fire tornado.


Some fires burn with such intensity that they can create their own weather system. This is an example of that.

Oh shit