i say this ALL the time but ace attorney is so good at portraying complex female characters. like even most of the “bad” women like ini miney and dee vasquez earn your sympathy through their backstories—those two in particular were acting for their own reasons and from their own pains.

no woman in the story is JUST used for fanservice or anything. a character like april may, who SEEMS like that kind of character, turns out to be so much more and her whole fanservice thing is literally a facade to get men to let her get away with shit. mia, whos sexually attractive, is never really stated to be so by the men. its implied shes very pretty, sure, but most of the admiration towards her is about how skilled of a lawyer she is or how wise she is.

then theres the big bad of the series, a woman whos unrelentingly evil and selfish. shes not really sympathetic in the slightest, but she’s definitely complex. she’s not jilted by a man or out for revenge. she’s just selfish and relentless. of course, her family members are all equally complex. the fey sisters and their relatives are all different people shaped by their upbringing and they serve as really good, diverse female protagonists.

and of course theres all the other female characters. desiree, who loves her husband dearly and is unashamed about her love for the finer things in life. wendy, who talks for hours and doesn’t tolerate bullshit. lana, who is stoic but not heartless. ema, who’s intellectual and boisterous. plum, who hides a fucking sword in her broom. this series is FULL of diverse female characters of all body types and demeanors and styles and it really should be admired for that more often i think.


All he does is try to sound poetic, drink cheap coffee and make references and I love him.

job: defendant

best friend: mia

marry: larry

honeymoon location: detention center

number of children: 2

tries to cockblock you: edgeworth


So I was doodling and I guess it turned into a blushy Klavier, whoop.


Back in 2011, I made some Ace Attorney costumes! My husband is a huge follower of the series, and since we had planned to go to Anime Expo that year, it only seemed fitting to make some new cosplays!

Godot & Mia Fey, modeled by my husband and myself!

Props, and pictures taken at the convention. Thank you to Kris Zoleta for taking a good portion of these!



I’m never going to get over this game





they wait

what are they waiting for??

they wait

"I’d say those kittens are waiting for Godot."

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I refuse to accept Klavier’s canon voice in Dual Destinies.

This will forever remain my headcanon.